Anchor collection

Anchor collection

June 1st  we launched the new Anchor collection, a collection design to never go out of style. The anchor itself is designed by Emily Gyllenspetz and put together in an elegant pattern. 

The collection was launched in the beginning of summer and therefore contains a lot of swimwear, though the anchor collection is not only going to be swimwear. This is a collection that will grow over time with timeless staples that will fit the base of your closet perfectly. 

The Anchor collection is designed with the whole family in mind, consisting of kids clothing, dersses, unisex basics and assecories. So that you can mix and match with the whole family and friends with our unique pieces. 

The anchor stands for everything connected to the sea but also the anchor in your life, we might not be your anchor but we want our high quality clothing to be the anchor of your closet. That is why we are choosing all of our products with great care. 

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