Seasalt & Coffee is a brand inspired by the seafaring life with a mission to normalize female seafarers. By challenging the traditonal image of a seafarer such as Popeye and captain Haddock, Seasalt & Coffee bring characters such as Captain Celi and chief engineer Ylva to the table. Giving you one of a kind products and clothing designed to empower and inspire.


A message from the founder:

My name is Emily and I am from Gothenburg, Sweden. I am an optimistic , creative woman and mother who loves the sea. I manage my company Seasalt & Coffee alongside with my work as a sailor and second officer in a Gothenburg based ferry company.

I came up with the signature print “Celi” when I was stuck at home for three months (due to being pregnant in a pandemic) and was looking for a background image for my phone. I knew I wanted a female sailor that looked something like captain Haddock or the one with the pipe and the fishing hat (yes the man with the beard, I know you know which one it is) but I couldn't find anything. I searched pinterest and google up and down but found nothing. Since my biggest hobby has always been to draw I began to create one of my own, and that is how I came up with Celi (all of the names are inspired by my relatives). After that I came across the print on demand industry, and fast forward 9 months we have the seasalt and coffee launch day. My goal is to challenge characters like captain Haddock, that Celi and her crew will be the badass women that young girls look up to. Yes there will come E-books with their stories! Because I am an optimistic creative I have no plans of limiting SEASALT & COFFEE to being "just" a clothing brand, only time will tell what it will grow into and I hope that you'll stay for the journey. 
I have always wanted to help change the world to a better place, like princess Leia or Captain marvel (yes I am a total nerd) but we all know that is a hard job to take on if you haven't got superpowers. Though with this company I can let my creativity flow and contribute with representing women in male dominated professions. I can help break the norms that if you wear heavy work gear for work you can still love to be very feminine, that the way we look doesn’t impact our ability to do our jobs. That you can be YOU no matter what your profession, gender and skillset is. I can help inspire young women that want to work in male dominated workforces and empower those women who already are. 
 I can’t do everything, but I can do something. 
To everyone who is supporting SEASALT & COFFEE thank you, I love you, together we can change the world ⚓

This company stands for equality no matter what. This means that no matter of gender, race, sexuality or background you are equally important to us and we see you for the human you are. 

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Such a wonderful thing to read! I finally got some time to really check out this great website and find out a bit more about it. I
think it is amazing and I love your character drawings and other artsy things!!
So….there brick and mortar stores as well as offerings onboard? Or am I totally wrong? (Who….me?? NEVAH!!!!) 😋 I am ready for some Seasalt and Coffee!!!!


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