Inspired by the seafaring life

On a mission to normalize female seafarers with uniqe handdrawn designs.

Captain Kate & Bug Naked Limited Edition

In collaboration with the incredible duo of Captain Kate McCue and Bug Naked, SEASALT & COFFEE has created a Limited edition collection, featuring custom made portraits designed by Emily Gyllenspetz. The Captain Kate and Bug Naked Limited Edition will only be available from May 14th to August 14Th.

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is a brand inspired by the seafaring life with a mission to normalize female seafarers. By challenging the traditonal image of a seafarer such as Popeye and captain Haddock, Seasalt & Coffee bring characters such as Captain Celi and chief engineer Ylva to the table. Giving you one of a kind products and clothing designed to empower and inspire.

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Captain Kate McCue about Seasalt & Coffee

"If you'd asked me to describe exactly how a female seafarer should be represented as, there is no way I would have been able to put together how beautifully you've captured my minds idea of what a perfect representation.... You have nailed it with each line and colour! You've made it seem like "Home" & and it is so appealing to the "outside" world."- Kate McCue

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If you are intrested in custom art pieces, send an email to or a DM on our instragram @seasaltandcoffeee.

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What is FEMINO?

As you explore this website you will find the Femino design and name written here and there, and you might wonder, what is Femino? Isn`t the brand called SEASALT & COFFEE? Yes you are correct, that is the brand, and if Captain Celi and the others just were illustrations made to look pretty on a T-shirt there would be no need for Femino, but that is not the case. You see they are characters, they each have their own stories and histories, and they will be told one day, but until then you will have to settle for bits and pieces of those stories. These characters are all part of the crew on board the ship Femino and that is why you will often see it together with the characters as they are crew members. So if you get yourself a t-shirt with the Femino logo on the back, wear it proudly and consider yourself a member of the crew!

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