Changing things up / Recap

Snippets from the past couple of months above / It’s been slightly hectic with the number of changes happening in my life at the moment. To sum it all up – i’m left with about a week before i fly off for a year of studies in another (perhaps slightly familiar) city – Madrid.

I was there for 6 months back in 2016 for my school exchange programme, and will be there again for the next 10-12 months to pick up an entirely different skill set – design. Art and design has always been an interest, just that i decided to put a pause on it to secure my general business degree first. Now that that’s fulfilled, figured it’s about time to pursue it again. With all the exciting things happening at my last job and company, i really contemplated leaving to pursue this; but i figured if i didn’t, it could be a missed opportunity i’d never get back in the future. So here i am, left with days and a half packed room & luggage.

I must say it’s been a hell of a time trying to get my visas and applications sorted for a long term stay. Unlike the last time, i needed way more paperwork since i’ll be there for more than 6 months. Right now i’m just praying it’ll get sorted in the first month that i’m there without much hassle. Aside from that, going back to studying will be a familiar experience, the only new aspect is the field of study, which i’m honestly excited about.

Leaving my friends, family and loved ones (not to mention Pretzel) behind for the next few months is definitely going to be tough. Most people do tell me a year will past by really quickly – i don’t doubt it, but it’s still never easy parting with closed ones.

Nonetheless, the fees have been paid, visas have been received and accommodations have been settled. The next post that goes up will probably be posted in another timezone from Madrid. Until then, let’s hope for the best!


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