Bali 2018 / Canggu


After an amazing time in Ubud, we made our way to Canggu for our first Bali beach experience. Canggu is just about an hour or so from Ubud by car – but i must say – it has a completely different vibe from cultural Ubud. If you’re up for a surf or tan, beach clubs and sunset drinks, Canggu is probably the place for you.

Canggu had much less to see and do for us since we weren’t particularly fond of surfing, and shopping areas were much pricer as they catered mainly to the expat crowd. If you’re riding or driving, be prepared to pay for parking fees everywhere too. Although most of the food we tried didn’t have much to shout about, we did find a couple of worth it spots. Thin-stretched and topped with tangy tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese, Pizza Fabbrica had one of the best Margherita pizzas we ever tasted. It was so good that we went back thrice in 2 days. Right next to them was the very Instagramable Avocado Factory, where they had everything avocado you could imagine. We didn’t manage to try any savoury items from their menu, but the avocado fruit bowl with tropical fruits, sliced avocado and creamy coconut yoghurt was delicious.

For café lovers, Gypsy Kitchen & Bar is a lovely al fresco hangout serving tasty vegan/vegetarian options and good coffee. For beach clubs, we explored La Brisa on the first evening over a couple of drinks & bar bites – a pretty relaxing place to chill and have sundowners by the sea. The hidden gem award of Canggu goes to the street side pushcart where we had an amazing bowl of Bakso – beef surimi meatballs cooked in a rich bone broth with vermicelli noodles; that really made our night.

Musubi Bali is great for brunch or dinner if you’re looking for a Japanese inspired affair. They have an interesting fusion menu featuring creations like Scotch eggs with soy-seasoned eggs, Crunchy rice bun with Japanese beef patty wrapped in Nori and the Spiced Pork belly Kakuni; slow-cooked pork with negi potato cake and carrot puree. (Thanks Chef Rui for the hospitality!) Do make a reservation if you’re heading down as they can get quite packed nearing the weekends.

The key highlight of Canggu for us was probably the spa experience. We made a booking at Spring Spa a day prior to the session for a full body and head massage. Considering the service, quality, price and ambience, it was worth the time and money spent there. They also offer a good variety of health-boosting drinks liked fresh iced teas and juices that you can enjoy before or after the session (at a price).

All things considered, we concluded that we’d probably give Canggu a miss the next time we head back to Bali. We could be missing out since its more of a surfer’s paradise, but we’d much rather stick to the rice fields and kind hospitality Ubud offers.


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