Bali 2018 / Ubud



Flew back to one of our most absolute favourite places on Earth this March to celebrate our birthdays together. The second time back was even more revelling than the first.

A good amount of our time there was spent back at our old favourites – met up with our friends from Uma Mandi Café, who clearly remembered us from all the coffee we ordered during the last trip. Their entire kitchen expansion is finally done – so glad that they have a much more furnished kitchen and café space now. The coffee and local delights, were delicious as usual. Made a reservation at Locavore again and this time, we managed to get a dinner slot. The bf had their regular menu, but i decided to get their Herbivore menu. No regrets at all. They have such an expansive selection of local herbs and greens that each dish was a divine combination of salt, spice, and savoury surprise. If vegetarian food was done this way, i’d be happy to consider a full time conversion.

A couple of new discoveries – Warung Bintang Bali, where we tasted the (i dare say) best Nasi Ayam and grilled ribs.  I couldn’t get enough of their fresh ginger flower accompaniment – they really should have that with every rice dish in Singapore. Visited Bridges Bali and had a rare encounter with the forest monkey. From what the manager told us – apparently it’s been years since a monkey came up to diners (he stole our bread and dipped his hand to get a slice of cucumber in our Gin & Tonic). They eventually lured him away with some bananas. Can’t say if we were lucky or not to witness it heh!

Made a trip back to Gaya Ceramics to source for news ceramic inspiration, and met the same lady who helped us a year back – yes she remembers us. Of course, visited our dear friend at Artha Ceramics whom we had such fond memories of. His workshops have already kicked off, and they’re in the midst of expanding their workspace too. Although his showroom is still a WIP, we’re so glad to see the growing interest in his works and his progress.

A special mention to our host and Airbnb – Putu was such a hospitable host, catering to all our requests and questions, and so quickly at that. The space was lovely too – with a living room, fully equipped kitchen, outdoor patio and a shared pool. It was the most ideal location for us, being close to town and with the  Warungs just a minute bike ride away.

Will be posting about our trip to Canggu next!


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