#chefseries: Uni Ama Ebi

#chefseries / February 2018 – Uni Ama Ebi

Ama Ebi, Uni butter, Japanese short grain rice, Uni, Cured eggs, White Linaria flowers, Umami broth, chia seeds, Basil oil

Once relegated to sushi counters, Uni is now a relatively common item on most restaurant menus. You’d probably find me having it every other day or two if it wasn’t regarded as such a premium ingredient. Rich, fresh and creamy with a texture of soft butter – Uni is one of my favourite sea ingredients to date.

The bf decided on an Uni and Ama Ebi dish this time round – and boy was I impressed. I usually prefer premium ingredients to be consumed on its own, or with just one to two simple additions to savour its original taste. So when he told me it would be mixed with French butter, cured eggs and a peculiar green broth, I was pretty skeptical.

This risotto-porridge dish hit the spot in terms of taste, balance and texture (plus points for the hand picked linaria flowers that made it very pretty for the eyes). You could taste the creaminess of the uni butter with a slightly charred aftertaste from the lightly torched Ama Ebi. Paired with cured egg shavings, more fresh slices of uni and an unassumingly savoury basil broth with chia seeds, it cut through the richness of the uni butter rather nicely so that it wasn’t too overwhelming (i.e. gelat).

I guess if Uni was prepared this way, I’d love it too.


p.s. Currently posting this from our lovely villa in Bali – more travels ahead!

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