2K18 / It’s already the end of January?!


Absolutely don’t know how we are already nearing the end of January. When i thought the year had just started, we are already at the end of the first month.

Nonetheless, the new year has been a refreshing start with many new activities, events and schedules planned for 2018. It’s been pretty hectic at times, just because deadlines are cluttered into a teeny timeframe, but i’m glad the year started on a good note.

Featured some images from this month – namely lots of brunching/cafes with the bf, spending time with the family over a nice Peranakan lunch and of course, spoiling the pup (maybe no longer one, but he is still to me). I’m looking forward to the months ahead with travels and events lined up – probably will need a time machine to slow down time at certain intervals. Let me check Amazon..


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I drink too much iced coffee for a single human being.

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