#chefseries: “Crab”

#chefseries / December 2017 – “Crab”

Mud crab, Apple dashi, Umami pearls, Smoked salmon broth

Closing 2017 and ushering in the new year with a humble crab dish, a succulent shellfish favourite. Tossed with flavourful umami pearls, chopped chives and fresh apple bits, this cold dish pairs beautifully with a lightly smoked salmon broth. Almost like a soup, yet you’ll find at least 5 different textures to play around with each bite. Not to mention a very meaty crab claw to finish.

This charming gold rimmed piece is from Gaya Ceramic. They specialise in Porcelain, Stoneware and Raku clay, combining sophisticated Italian designs with Balinese craftsmanship to produce a beautiful variety of custom-tailored and hand-thrown ceramics. Our experience at Gaya was particularly memorable because of the Tumpek Landep ceremony held that morning(You can read more about it here)

I’ll be doing a separate post on 2017 highlights/2018 post. Look out for the next #chefseries at the end of the month.

Wishing everyone a very blessed and happy new year!


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