Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 : Outtakes & Snapshots

16/12: Annual Christmas gathering with #CaderasLatinas13

Christmas weekend: 23-25 December 2017

Love my Xmas present – New sunnies from the bf!! 

24/12: Family Feasting at home

Gin & Tonic cures everything – featuring my homemade Smoked thyme G&T

26/12: Boxing Day – recuperating from the lovely weekend

A series of photos from the festivities over December. I finally have some time to blog because the office closed this entire Xmas week in celebration of Christmas and New year (Woohoo!!) – it’s a really nice break for all of us.

Had the usual gathering with the Caderas 13′ bunch at my place with lots of home cooked recipes going on that day; Week old marinated pork loin, stuffed duck, potato brioche buns with month-aged mimolette cheese dip, miso garlic cauliflower(my fav recipe tested to date!!), fish stew and spiced fried chicken. Family celebrations over the weekend consisted of more feasting on delicious food and wine. A lot of Christmas shopping was done this year as well, perhaps due to all the “SALE” signs smacked right in your face as you walk along Orchard road.

I hope everyone is having a great break over the holidays. Drink up, drive safe and Merry Christmas all!


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