#chefseries: “Beef”


#chefseries / November 2017 – “Beef”

Kagoshima wagyu beef marbling 7-8, Mushroom puree, Beef tendon, Smoked beef glaze, Shimeji mushrooms, Brick pastry and Smoked house cured lardo

If implosive had a taste, this would be it. Our second recipe from our list of chef series dishes, and i’m certain this is a favourite that will last.

With a score of 7-8 on its marbling, the beef alone is enough to blow your mind away. Combined with a textured mushroom puree, crisp thin brick pastry and smoked beef glaze, its more than just your typical, “melt-in-your-mouth” meat dish – its a symphony of flavours; salty, sweet and smokey, yet smooth on the palate. The best part? Supple bits of beef tendon gliding between every bite.

I dare say this would make a perfect, timeless “beef” dish on a dinner course menu.

This classic white ceramic plate is from Bali’s contemporary ceramics brand – Jenggala .  With over 40 years of history, it’s now recognized as one of Bali’s best homegrown artisanal ceramic names.


Recipe and dish: Le Chef Boyfriend
Photography and edits: Myself

p.s. Take a look at the time-lapse featuring the process of plating this dish below.

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