#chefseries – a new chapter

To the few readers that have been following my blog, thank you for all your support! Though it’s not many, i appreciate you taking an interest in my pretty ordinary life through mediocre posts and photographs. This blog is really a platform for me to showcase the more interesting affairs in my life, with occasional restaurant/café reviews, events and my travels. Sad to say there isn’t an exact “direction” that the blog takes, it’s a lifestyle (“chapalang”) blog that forms as i progress in life.

Thus, i’ve decided to make a minor revamp or rather, re-organization in terms of the way i blog, starting with this new chapter (category) called #chefseries.

#chefseries is something started by the boyfriend – who is a chef, and myself. It’s a way for us to experiment, cook, bake, plate and feature some of our (to be fair, more of his) food inspiration via dishes presented in both locally and internationally sourced tableware. We wanted to share our love for food with culinary and food enthusiasts alike , through vivid descriptions and photographs of original recipes.

Have we started? Yes, we have. As mentioned in my previous post, we have a few beautiful tableware sourced from Bali which we are excited to show. This will be up in the next post coming up at the end of this month.

Will i continue to blog about other lifestyle affairs? Yes, i will. The only change you will see is a categorization of posts limited to a number of categories, namely –

#chefseries – as described above

Lifestyle – random affairs (usually over a period of time) with a mix of IG, iPhone and camera photos

Review – Cafe or Restaurant review

Event – Social events, weddings, birthdays and similar parties

Travel – Travel itineraries, holidays i’ve been on, vacation spots and travel photo diaries

Of course as a personal blog, i may add categories as i go along. For now, these are the few i have. In terms of consistency (i know i’m not the most consistent in blogging – but i have a regular job to upkeep okay HAHA), i’m happy to say the new series will be posted on a consistent basis.

So, keep a look out for our #chefseries posts that will come up at the end of every month!


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