Ubud, Bali Part 2

Photos were taken with a Go-Pro (Hero 4) and iPhone7. All locations are linked to their respective websites for addresses and contacts.

Read Part 1 here.

Brunch at Mudra Café – definitely a place that screams zen. Besides our cuppas, we had a creamy avocado benedict topped with shaved parmesan cheese, and breaded fried chicken with curry and red rice. They have a cute little store (with a floor of black sand from a real black sand beach in Bali) next to the cafe, selling a collection of premium swimwear and silver accessories. Just when you thought Bali couldn’t get any more relaxing, this place proves you wrong.

Cue the random #ootd, and my favourite outfit from Bali.

This was a view we enjoyed every morning, just a few meters away from our Airbnb. Cafe Uma Mandi (Mandi means shower in Bahasa) is part of the Uma Mandi Ubud hotel, and serves probably the best (i’m biased) coffee in all of Ubud. My caffeine cravings were satisfied twice a day thanks to them. They serve great iced coffees, and have a small but sufficient food menu to choose from. Of the 5 days we were there, we had their homemade chicken nuggets 6 times (heh!). Besides snacks, they also serve full breakfast of french toasts with eggs, and mains such as Indonesian fried rice and chicken vermicelli soup. A place i would visit everyday if i were living in Ubud.

Some pictures taken while exploring the main towns of Ubud.

Apologies for the slightly unclear photo, but this was the cheapest yet a very much enjoyed dinner we had on our 3rd night – Bought from a local grill near the villa for just SGD$6.50 (YES!), we had a serving of grilled chicken, grilled fish, a huge portion of vegetables, rice and a ton of very spicy, traditional Indonesian chilli. The bf was certainly most satisfied with this meal.

We decided to be real fancy during our last night in Bali, and had a Michelin starred experience at one of Ubud’s best restaurants – Mozaic. Once you reach the hotel, you’ll be escorted to the lobby where you can order your drinks and enjoy a welcome canapé, after which you’ll be shown to your table. It was a sensory experience throughout the meal – a platter of fruits, exotic herbs and ingredients will be brought and displayed at the table, where you’re encouraged to look, smell and feel each ingredient in its raw form. It served as a way for the waiters to explain the ingredients used in every course, but an interesting way for customers to experience dining through all 5 senses. Below are a couple of our favourites – Amuse bouche of a truffle mushroom cream cone and poached watermelon, fish cappacio (this was my favourite dish of the night), lobster tail and barramundi.

A good to note if you are ever looking to dine at Mozaic, reservations have to be made in advance, and you will have to pay a credit cancellation fee if you cancel less than 7 hours before. Also, its not exactly friendly on the wallet (oops to the bf). It’s a place that has great food and beautiful ambience , but considering the ample number of brilliant restaurants in Ubud (like Locavore), it’s not the most worth in my opinion simply because of its high price point.

As mentioned in my last post, ceramic hunting was an everyday event for us. The bf found this place slightly outside of the main area of Ubud town. Artha Ceramics was born out of a pure passion for handmade ceramics by founder and Master potter, Made (pronounced Mar-de) . We were slightly confused when we first arrived at the location, as it looked slightly run down without a proper signage or store. After exploring the area a little, we managed to find a huge workshop at the back, and the man himself.

Made was so kind to let us view the entire workshop. It’s a rustic place filled with clay in all forms – from the raw clay dust to half painted pottery, unglazed and glazed pieces – a sight you can get only at Artha’s. With his fellow potter at work, we were lucky to witness the spinning process of his pieces as well.  They conduct workshops on a regular basis (They keep and display all their student pieces in the workshop even though it’s already filled) , and sell showpieces at a much lower price since they are just starting out. The pieces may not be as refined compared to larger ceramic brands, but the bf and i still ended up with 2 beautifully crafted, organic pieces. It was heartwarming to see this much passion at his age, and the least we could do was to support them through these few purchases and an hour of heartfelt conversation. I really just smiled and nodded at him most of the time because they were conversing in Bahasa, but i believe the sincerity of both parties could be felt.

Please do support them if you are ever in Ubud. They may be a little out of the way, but the journey will be worth it.

Of course, no Bali trip is complete without a massage and spa experience. The bf and i managed to get a last minute booking at this quaint spa outlet close to the Airbnb. Cantika Zest offers guests a no frills spa experience, where you can choose from 3 basic packages – Balinese massage, Balinese massage and scrub, or a full Balinese spa experience that includes a massage, body scrub, hair treatment and manipedi.

One of our favourite meals was the Ubud-famous Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck Diner. We scooted past the restaurant a couple of times, thinking it was just another over publicised diner on Trip Advisor. Upon entering the restaurant, we were proven wrong.

The place was huge! Aside from a spacious dining area in the front of the restaurant (it seats at least 50 pax), they have a large rice paddy field at the back, with a garden built with individual huts for private dining. If that wasn’t enough, they have a larger 2 storey hut that seats even more customers.

We had a whole garden hut to ourselves, where we savoured a scrumptious lunch of fried duck, spicy roasted wings and stir fried vegetables. It was so good that we went back a second time the following day for our last lunch in Bali.

Just a random video of our dining experience at Bebek Bengil. Clearly we have no reservations when it comes to eating (hah!).

To end the post – a couple of shots from our Airbnb pool when decided to take a dip one of the evenings.

Bali was a truly beautiful, unforgettable experience in all the right ways – Oh, except for a momentary situation where we were stopped by the police for not wearing a helmet while riding (which is literally what everyone in Bali does), and had to pay a “fine” of IDR 250,000 (about SGD $25) to get out of it (*rolls eyes*) – But no matter, i’m glad it was just that and nothing else serious. 5 days was just about right for a trip to Ubud, and i look forward to exploring the rest of Bali in the future.


p.s. We are excited to share our beautiful ceramic purchases on Instagram at @shioshesaid – where we will showcase a series of home cooked, gourmet dishes under the hashtag #chefseries, plated on these Bali ceramics. Do hit the follow button on at the profile above to catch this series!

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