#thegraduationdiaries: Melbourne

MELBOURNE2017. This city is no doubt one of the original pioneers of brunch, cafes and chill vibes. The amount of caffeine the local population consumes is probably one of the highest, and i would clearly check that off if it were one of the factors required to be a local.

We spent a good 4D3N in charming Melbourne visiting the many cafes and various attractions. We arrived pretty early on a Sunday at about 7am in the morning, so we had to find a way to spend the long 6-7 hours before checking into our Airbnb. Thankfully, we had a fantastic brunch at St.Ali’s (before we were sort of “pressured” to move since the brunch crowd was streaming in) of eggs benedict, pancakes and coconut porridge, and managed to wait in the lobby of our Airbnb till it was time to check-in.

Of the many cafes visited, my favourite has got to be Mart 130. Located directly at Middle Park station (slightly outside the city area but easily accessible by tram), it’s a beautiful station cafe in a quiet park, serving hearty brunch and aromatic coffees. It’s a place i’d visit on a weekly basis if i was staying in Melbourne.

Higher Ground Melbourne is another worth mentioning. The cafe-restaurant is furnished with high ceilings, arched windows and stone brick walls, one of the most beautiful modern-rustic interiors i’ve seen. It was full-house when we arrived, and I was surprised we managed to get a table (on a weekend!) almost instantly. The menu was interesting as well – Minced lamb fry with miso eggplant, eggs, smoked yogurt and pine nut dukkah had flavours of the Middle East, while the Scrambled eggs, spiced heirloom tomato, cauliflower and homemade flatbread dish tasted like.. Roti prata (i kid you not). The homemade flat bread was made using a mix of filo pastry and flour, pan grilled till brown on a flat surface. No wonder it resembled our Singaporean prata. Both dishes were nonetheless, delicious.

The attraction we enjoyed the most was probably Eureka 88 Sky Deck. Situated 88 (obviously) levels above the ground and built with a 360 panoramic glass structure, it overlooks the entire city of Melbourne. We visited the deck at night, which unveiled a stunning city of lights bridging the night sky. Naturally, we made use of this backdrop for many bokeh-filled photos.

The other places we visited; Brighton Beach Boxes, Queen Victoria Market, Uncle Collins, Hashtag Cafe, Industry Beans, Rose Street Market, State Library of Victoria were fantastic places as well. Just that i can’t possibly write about all of them lest this post goes up to 2 full pages. Melbourne is a place i’d love to visit again, perhaps for a taste of its night life and of course, the many other cafes on my list.

Next up, Sydney!


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