It’s June Baby

JUNEBBY. Trying to keep up with the posts before my Aussie trip this coming weekend(EXCITES!), and also because my one loyal reader has been bugging me to do it(aka the boyfriend haha-HI LOVE).

The first week of June was tough really. For those who follow me on social media, you may have seen my insta-story of a crazy swollen eye. Basically, i went through an entire week of misery because of an eye infection. At first i thought it was a little pimple that popped out on my eyelid, but turns out, i had a bad eye infection with a huge stye like bump growing on my upper left lid. The general doctor gave me antibiotics and anti-swelling cream at first, but after 2 days there was little improvement and i got referred to a specialist. Apparently, i had something called chalazions (it’s caused by blocked glands in the eyelid), and i had 2 for that matter. He suggested a day surgery to get rid of it. After 2 extremely painful anaesthetic jabs, lots of ice packs and a week of no eye make-up + spectacles, its finally better. I still have a slight bump and some redness, but i’m hoping it will go off soon. Yes, that left me worried sick and in a lot of discomfort for quite awhile. I’m just ecstatic its finally better.

On happier notes, updates on visuals above. The bf brought me for my first experience for the famous “Seafood in a bag” at The Boiler. It was superb. The amount of seafood we had was definitely worth the value of what we paid, and more importantly, it was cooked and seasoned perfectly. We’re already starting to plan for a second visit. Potato Head Folk was great as usual, i always loved their gourmet burgers and fries. I just wouldn’t go for the pink pickled eggs next time, a tad too sour for my taste. Fynn’s is a place i’d go back for both the food and location. It’s located at the new South Beach JW Marriot hotel area, and serves a good fare of casual modern Australian cuisine. A lovely place if you’re looking for a chill weekend meal. The only drawback was the coffee which was way too acidic for our taste. The area is good to explore since the hotel is new and furnished with a lot of modern contemporary architecture, i’m still waiting for a chance to head back and do just that.

Humpback is another place i’d love to go back soon. Located at Bukit Pasoh road, it’s pretty easy to find this spot from it’s exterior decorated with hanging bulb lights. We had their brussel sprouts, buttermilk fried chicken, avocado crab and egg scramble with pork crackle from the brunch menu. Our favourite was the brussel sprouts that had a smoky after-taste to it. I’d skip on the eggs next time as they were the only “meh” dish of everything. We also had a refreshing cocktail(their skilled bartenders are from Sugarhall!), and a coffee(i had an ice black) that was SO GOOD, i’d go back just for that. It’s a cold brew i believe-they even gave me a free refill!

Besides my upcoming Aussie trip, i have a couple of exciting things i’ve been working on. Things are finally starting to take shape, and i’m crossing fingers it’ll all work out nicely. Till then, i’m just going to enjoy my vacation with my lovely girls.


The Boiler
18 Howard Road, #01-06, Novelty Bizcentre

Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road

26 Beach Road #B1-21,

18-20 Bukit Pasoh Rd

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