Summer Fever


HALFWAY. Can’t believe it’s already June!! Half a year is officially over-makes me wonder if i’ve fulfilled enough over the past 6 months.

Just wanted to get these edits out for you guys before June rolls in, it’s going to be an eventful month. The main reason being-I’ll be heading to Aussie in about 2 weeks! Crazy excited because it’s going to be a full 10 days with 2 of my loveliest girlfriends. I pretty much finished planning our itinerary during my free time before work started, so we are set to pack and go. I’m glad we managed to settle all our flights and accommodations early, leaves us to fly there and enjoy our holiday in peace. Also, an entire 10 days where both Melbourne and Sydney are packed in means lots of good food, cafes, coffee, sights and PICTURES-look forward to those after i’m back!

A short review on each of the places i posted above:
Tanjong Pocha-You know “the” place where you go after having one too many drinks? This is the one for my friends and I. Introduced to me on a slightly tipsy night(where i obviously wasn’t in the right mind snap pictures), all i remembered was how good the seafood stew tasted. I went there a second time with the bf for dinner(sober of course), and it was still as good. The quality of BBQ meat could be better, but dinner there on a whole was worth it. It’s a place i would definitely go back for some hearty Korean food.

Da Luca- Our second time here as well, specifically for their umami packed Truffle Uni capellini. Having tried quite a few variations in Sg, i can dare say Da Luca serves absolutely the BEST truffle uni capellini(Le chef bf vouches for this too). We ordered many specials this time, so they may no longer be on the menu. The beef tartare was perfectly seasoned, topped and mixed with the egg, it really complimented the wine we were having. The lobster pasta was fantastic as well-fresh lobster and tagliatelle tossed in a creamy yet tangy sauce. The only non-specials item we had was the veal , which was great as well, but we were just too full to finish it. Their portions can be quite overwhelming, so i suggest ordering as you go.

Birders- A Yakitori place just behind where i work. The place had a great vibe and ambience, but food was just decent. I found it way too pricey for the taste or quality. It’s nothing much to rave about in my opinion, and i’ll probably head back a second time only if there’s a significant change in their menus.

Also as i’m writing this, i’m nursing a swollen eye(apparently from some infection)-which i pray gets better by tomorrow so i can go back to work. I look forward to the month ahead, it’s going to be exciting.



Tanjong Pocha
35 Tanjong Pangar Rd
Singapore 088458

Da Luca
1 Goldhill Plaza, #01-19/21
Singapore 308899

55 Tras St
Singapore 078994

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