MAYDAY. Been typing so much on a Windows PC, it messes with my typing on a MAC (confusing my shift and command buttons-what a joke). I finally have some time to post since i started work-featuring some major backlog from April and early May.

Took a short weekend trip to Macau with mum for food and a bit of shopping. It was great weather there-temperatures barely went above 25 deg celcius, so it was a really nice change from humid Singapore weather. That toast you see there was probably the best food i had from the trip-thick cubes of french toast dipped in egg batter and butter, fried, and then topped with another dollop of butter & a generous amount of peanut butter. Calories overload but, it was SO GOOD.

I also had a couple of dinner dates with the Bf in the past few weeks. Maggie Joan’s was great the first time i went there with my girlfriends, not so great this time. Most of the food combinations tasted quite odd to us, and the flavours were just confusing on the palette. The grilled octopus however, was lovely. So were the complimentary chocolate chip cookies given at the end of the meal.

Cheek by Jowl is another on my list that would never disappoint. Thanks to the Bf and his Chef friends, it was another fantastic meal at Cheek. I especially loved the foie gras wafer(the little rolled up thing you see that looks like a CNY love letter cookie)-thin wafer piped with foie gras and a side of plum reduction. But every dish was great in my opinion. A place we would visit anytime.

Work has been great so far, and i’m really enjoying it. Surprisingly, waking up before 8am has been pretty alright as well-HEH!


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I drink too much iced coffee for a single human being.

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