Welcome to Corporate hell bubba

THE LAST BITS OF FREE BOREDOM.  The title is quoted from the dearest bf who congratulated me on completing 4 years of University, and making my official commencement into the workforce. Thanks bubba(*cries*).

All that aside, i’m still excited to begin work-I hope the last 20 years of education will suffice in unleashing the best of my abilities in this corporate sphere.

I recently visted The Wall at Tanjong Pagar for dinner for a good fair of Yakitori and drinks-they specialise in Whisky, along with a commendable menu(especially loved their homemade chicken balls). Whisky was and still isn’t exactly friendly with my tastebuds(hopefully it will be in the future!), but i enjoyed 3 of their whisky and sake based cocktails.

We also went on a night’s staycation at Park Hotel, which was a nice respite at the end of the week. Since it was in Robertson quay, we didn’t have any issues getting good brunch food(Common Man Coffee Roasters & SPRMRKT in particular).

A few date nights were spent over good food as well. A favourite that quickly became one of “our places”- Bread Street Kitchen, never fails to deliver. Neon Pigeon is also becoming a go-to for me, it was my second time there and the food and drinks were delicious.

I’m savouring the last bits of freedom before starting work-spending it over good food, drinks and places with my loved ones. I will treasure the last few days of nihility.

Congrats to those who have graduated as well! Let’s conquer these battles together.


The Wall SG
76 Tg Pagar Rd
Singapore 088497

SPRMRKT Kitchen + Bar
41 Robertson Quay, #02-01
Singapore 238236

Neon Pigeon
1 Keong Saik Rd
Singapore 089109

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