March & Things

The younger bro’s POP at Pasir Lebar Camp

Brunch with the girls at IZY + Club Street Social

Family Brunch at The Naked Finn, Gillman Barracks

Cakes & Tea at Amiral Atelier, Paragon Shopping Center

ft. Pretty new shoes from Gucci<3

MARCH17. This month has been relatively quiet due to the increased amount of school work in the past few weeks-mainly project deadlines and presentations. With that, i’m glad to announce that i am unofficially graduated from my entire education life! WHOOP WHOOP!

I’m unofficially graduated since i’ve already completed my last class yesterday, and my modules require no final examinations. Thus yesterday’s class(where the prof was so nice and bought the entire class pizzas!!) concluded my entire university and educational life. The past 18 years of education was stressful, fruitful, enjoyable and detestable all in one, i will miss it, but i’m glad i’m moving onto another chapter in my life.

With that, i’m so proud of my brother who had his POP this month-my first POP ceremony was saved specially for him, and i couldn’t be happier to see him become a greater man then he already is. Looking forward to his ORD next!

The next couple of months may be rather uncertain in some aspects, but i look forward to the changes and shall embrace them as they come along.


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