Turning Twenty-Three

Birthday Lunch at Jaan, Swisshotel the Stamford

National Gallery Singapore

Surprise picnic at Marina Barrage with the best friends

23. I didn’t expect turning 23 to be an elaborate affair-but thanks to the bf and my lovely friends, it had been one of the most memorable days.

We had a fantastic lunch at Jaan to start the day. This 1-star Michelin restaurant definitely lived up to its name of being one of the world’s 50 best restaurants. We went with the 6-course non-vegetarian menu with a flight of 3 wines(2 whites and 1 red). The amuse-bouche consisting of 4 different bite-sized hors d’œuvre was a great start to the meal. I’m quite a sucker for table butter, and the Konbu butter served is probably one of the best i’ve had. Every dish of the 6-course set was prettily plated with exquisite technique, and really just a lovely blend of flavours in your mouth. They gave me a complimentary  birthday cake at the end of the meal (but we were way too full for it and had it packed to go) which was a nice gesture. I think there were quite a few celebrations alone that day from what i saw.

Feeling extremely full and satisfied, we made our way to National Gallery. I’m a Singaporean yet i never actually visited it. The bf wanted to bring me there knowing i’d like seeing the exhibits, and for some photography opportunities. Honestly, i was surprised with the entire interior of National Gallery and the Supreme court-the architecture is amazing. We spent almost 4 entire hours there, but didn’t manage to view all the exhibits either(the place is larger then i thought). We left around 6pm after the bf told me we had a “reservation” coming up. This is where the story gets weirder.

So, the bf told me he had made a reservation at Pollen, and it was at 730pm. He suggested taking a walk at Marina Barrage before heading to dinner since we had time. I didn’t think much about it and agreed since it’s usual for us to take walks almost everywhere. By the time we reached Gardens by the Bay(let’s say GBTB for short) it was already 720ish (i cant remember the exact time). I said we should just go to dinner since it’s already near the reservation time.

BF: ” Oh no la, the reservation is at 8.”
Me: ” Huh? I thought you said 7.30?”
BF: “Nope i changed it to 8. You’re not hungry yet anyway right?”

I wasn’t hungry at that time, but I was a bit puzzled cause i was with him the entire time and didn’t see him call for a change in reservation or anything-i assumed he changed it via text or something. So from there he wanted to walk to Marina Barrage. Just for context-walking to Marina Barrage from GBTB takes at least 20mins if you walk fast, so on average its 25-30mins at basic walking speed. And obviously, i found no need to hurry to walk that day since it was suppose to be a nice, long walk-right?

Me: “I think we should head back the Flower dome area eh-it’s already close to 8pm.”
BF: “Oh uh.. No need, the reservation is at 820pm.”
(Mind you i was really tired from walking by now cause we’ve been almost speed walking for who knows why, and it was going to be another 15mins walk at least)
Me: “But by the time we reach there it’s going to be 8.15pm, then we will have to walk back already.”
BF: “Yea..Oh you don’t want to go ah? Okay if you don’t want we don’t have to…” *SULKS* (YEA HE SULKED AT ME)
So he happily stops sulking and pulls me all the way to Marina Barrage.

When we reached Marina Barrage, i walked out towards a random direction to see the view, and he told me: “Can we go to the other side??? The wind is coming from that direction!!”(Now that i think of it it’s a pretty ridiculous reason) By now i was too tired to protest so i just followed, and at a small corner-my lovely friends waiting to shout SURPRISE to me!

That evening was so lovely-the bf had planned it months before, collaborating with my close friends(explains why he was more often on his phone when we were out a couple of times *ROLLS EYES*). He cooked/made all the food the previous night, delivered it to my gf’s house in the morning, before coming down to meet me. It was a warming feeling to have all my close friends around to celebrate the day with me-all thanks to the bf who put so much thought and sleepless nights into it.

The food of course, was delicious. Everything was cooked and prepped from scratch by the bf-Beetroot cured salmon, roasted pork butt, buttermilk fried chicken, grilled cheese, honey baked ham, roasted guacamole and aioli, and my favourite-red bean mochi (he even added a strawberry in the middle of every one). I really appreciate and am so thankful for my friends who made the evening free for me, and to the bf who put such a large amount of thought and effort into planning the entire day and night-Thank you for your love<3

I apologize for the long post, but it’s only apt i dedicate one for the entire birthday. It’s been a long week for me due to all my school deadlines being crammed in one week. I’m glad the busy week is over, and it shall be a mellow, relaxing weekend for me.


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