Birthday Dinner @ Artemis

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ARTEMIS.  My family(Dad to be exact heh!) treated me to an advanced birthday dinner at Artemis last weekend. It was a lovely place with an alfresco bar and indoor dining. We were lucky the rain stopped in time for them to dry up the bar area so we could get pre-dinner drinks outside before dinner.

Artemis serves fusion mediterranean dishes inspired by greek cuisine. We had Hamachi and Oysters to go with our drinks at the bar-the Hamachi dish was my favourite of the evening. I had their Shiso and Kumquat G&T which was lovely as well.

We decided on the a la carte menu with 3 starters-Spanish Octopus, Alaskan King Crab, and Squash Gnocchi with truffle and egg. For mains, we each got a different item-Beef, lamb, dory, and black cod. We also got grilled brocollini on the side. My black cod dish was delicious, especially with the pork bone reduction. But overall, we felt the starters fared much better over the mains and desserts. Their complimentary chocolate praline cake was really good though.

There’ll be more birthday pictures from the actual day i spent with the bf and friends-way too many due to an eventful day. I shall be posting them sometime next weekend. Till then!


138 Market Street, #40-01 CapitaGreen (Rooftop)
Singapore 048946

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