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Marina Barrage
x Take out noodles cups & Bubble teaimg_2242 Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Valentine’s Day 2017
@ Salted & Hungphoto_2017-02-16_15-45-41 photo_2017-02-16_15-46-30 photo_2017-02-16_15-46-37 photo_2017-02-16_15-46-34 photo_2017-02-16_15-46-51 photo_2017-02-16_15-46-54 photo_2017-02-16_15-46-00 photo_2017-02-16_15-46-58 photo_2017-02-16_15-47-22

An advanced Birthday gift from the Bf<3Processed with VSCO with m5 preset img_2490

Sundate Brunch
@Salt Grill & Sky Barimg_2420 img_2424 img_2425 img_2427 img_2432 img_2429 img_2430 img_2437 img_2444 img_2447 img_2470 img_2483

DATEDAYS. Besides these occasions where i managed to do something other than my essays/assignments, nothing else was really worth taking photos of-hence the stream of food photos when the bf brought me out on dates(hehe).

We decided to visit Marina Barrage on an impromptu evening with some take out from town. It turned out to be a great decision, cause that evening’s sky was filled with lovely pink hues. It’s rare to get such a pretty sunset view or even the time to enjoy it most times.

Our Valentine’s day was celebrated a day late without planning-we decided not to celebrate initially, but ended up at Salted & Hung the next evening just to have a good dinner, and took that as a Valentine’s celebration. Salted & Hung serves rustic Australian(the head chef is Australian) dishes inspired by his home town. This was my second visit but the bf’s first. We decided on the omakase menu which was actually really filling-we barely touched the last dessert because we were just too full. The croquettes and wagyu were my  favourites. Overall it was a good dinner that feeds you really well, but personally it was a little too heavy for my stomach.

Sunday brunch was spent with a pretty view 55 levels above the ground. Salt Grill & Sky Bar at ION Sky by Chef Luke Mangan serves great set lunches on both weekdays and weekends. You get a choice of an appetizer, main, dessert and coffee/tea. We had drinks to go along with the food, and thanks to a chef-friend of the bf in the kitchen, many other complimentary dishes. I loved the langoustine with ikura best and albeit overrated, they serve really good truffle fries. What i couldn’t stop munching through the meal though, was their crispy sweet and purple potato with a hummus/chimichurri like dip that they served at the start of the meal. We left with extremely satisfied bellies from the long brunch.

I’m pretty excited for the upcoming week ahead as it’ll be a week of celebrations. I’ve already received a couple of presents from my thoughtful loved ones, and i couldn’t be more thankful for their love.


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