December 2016 / Palawan Islands, Philippines

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PALAWAN ISLANDS. Finally had the time to post pictures from my family trip to Palawan Islands in Philippines. It’s been crazy busy with work for the past couple of weeks, and today is one of the rare days i get time back to myself again.

It was such a relaxing trip at the islands-a really amazing resort placed by El Nido Resorts. The establishment owns a few resorts amongst the islands, all which are within a few kilometres of each other, easily accessible by boat. The trip there was slightly tedious- a plane from SG to Manila, which we had to spend a night due to limited domestic flights to the island. A 2 hour domestic ride from Manila to the island, and a 1 hour boat + car ride to the resort itself. But we were met with lovely hospitality and service which made the entire journey more than comfortable to speak. It’s a place i would pay a second visit to.

The islands(like any other resort place) had a limited number of activities-so if you are looking to be active 24/7 it’s definitely not a place for you. If you want to spend your days relaxing by the beach in hammocks and sipping on happy hour cocktails, then consider it. We spent most mornings out at sea- Snorkeling, Island hopping, visiting Lagoons, fishing(we caught our own fish for lunch!!) , and lazing around for most of it. It was a good break from all the city hustle.

Work has been busy for me, especially with the festive period-but i enjoy the experiences i’m getting and the people i’ve met. Just a couple more days to Christmas and a week to the New year(how time flies really). Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all you lovely people in advance!!


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