Barcelona Photo Diary: 2-7 May 2016

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BARCELONA PHOTO DIARY. My babe and i had a great time exploring Barcelona in the first week of May. It was my second time there from about 3 years back, so it was nice to relive some memories again.

I guess the most memorable part of the trip was the good food we had-somehow we managed to have good food and drinks at every single meal! It was worth doing all that research heh. I’ll put the links to the places we visited at the end of this post.

We revisited some old sights like La Sagrada Familia and Barceloneta beach,  and some new ones like the Picasso museum as well. I loved walking through the streets of El Born, it was one of the most hipster-ish vintage streets you could find. The entire atmosphere was really artsy and pretty in all its rustic ways. Definitely a place you should visit if you’re in Barcelona.

It won’t be long before my entire exchange period will be over, in just a couple of weeks i’ll be flying home. But for now, i’m just really looking forward to seeing my mum who’s flying over at the end of this week!! I’ll be showing her around Madrid for a few days before we head over to Valencia, so i’m hoping to get some pretty sights there as well. Have a good week ahead lovelies!


Alsur Café
(try their signature grilled cheese waffles!)
Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 23, 08010 Barcelona

(Extremely “kinfolk”, pretty atmosphere)
Carrer d’Aragó, 287, 08009 Barcelona

AGUST Gastrobar
(Slightly pricey, but worth for its good tapas and wine)
Carrer del Parlament, 54, 08015 Barcelona

Viana Tapas Bar
(One of the best tapas bars i’ve tried)
Local 1, Carrer del Vidre, 7, 08002 Barcelona

El Born
(Art Street of Barcelona)
Carrer de Santa Maria, 4, 08003 Barcelona

Barceloneta Beach
(Beach of Barcelona-there is a metro stop for this)
Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 16, 08003 Barcelona

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