Madrid Photo Diary 05

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MADRID PHOTO DIARY 05. I can now announce that this exchange semester is finally o v e r for me!! Concluded my last final exam today with a relatively easy case study, and i can finally get the word exam out of my way. Not that the papers were difficult, i just really detest the word “exam”-meh.

I had some time to edit and post all the recent photos taken in Madrid when my dear babe-Lin, flew over 2 weeks ago. Brought her to a few old spots and discovered new ones with her as well, such as El Rastro market and cafés like Pum Pum in the vicinity (I’ll add the descriptions down below).

It was really nice to see a lovely familiar face again after so long, and albeit a little tiring (or rather i’m just used to being lazy by staying near my neighbourhood), it was worth exploring new sights with my babe.

I’ll likely spend the rest of this 2 weeks finishing up my final essays, and my dear mum is finally coming to see me next weekend!! I’ve missed her so much and seriously can’t wait to see her.

Oh, and i finally managed to find some time to change the blog layout heh. Barcelona photos will be up the next post!


Federal Café
(my favourite place for a good brunch)
Plaza de las Comendadoras, 9, 28015 Madrid

Pum Pum Café
(Good to visit if you’re in the Lavapies vicinity)
Calle Tribulete, 6, 28012 Madrid

Yakitoro by Chicote
(Amazing Japanese affair)
Calle Reina, 41, 28004 Madrid

El Rastro
(Flea Market-open only on Sundays and Public Holidays)
Calle Ribera de Curtidores, S/N, 28005 Madrid

Mercado de San Miguel
(Farmer’s Market-for tapas and sangrias)
Plaza de San Miguel, S/N, 28005 Madrid

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