Weekend in Paris

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A PARISIAN WEEKEND. Visited the Parisian city of l o v e last weekend, and to be honest, it fell a little short on expectations. Maybe because i imagined Paris to be like the movies with it’s pretty lights and a surreal atmosphere-But I shall not dwell into details on what parts were disappointing since all of us have different expectations!

Aside from that, the attractions we visited were still pretty amazing sights. We managed to see just a few popular sights due to time constraint. The Lourve was interesting-filled with art works from Greek, Islamic and French history. We managed to get our pretty Eiffel bracelets and some other souvenirs there as well. We also paid a trip to Paris’s Disneyland which was probably the best part of the trip. It was such a beautiful view! Particularly in the evening when everything is lit up against the night scape. I was forced onto a roller coaster where i screamed my lungs out (I h a t e roller coasters-Jin probably went deaf for a moment), but it was still a worthy trip.

Our last day started with an extremely good brunch at Holybelly (which we waited a good hour for-they do not take reservations, so be prepared to queue and wait for up to 2 hours).  I found this gem online and decided we had to pay it a visit-it was worth the wait and the hype! The pancakes i had were sooo good, i felt like i was in Perth all over again. It’s certainly one of the best brunches i’ve had in awhile that i will miss dearly. The latter of the day was spent laying on the grass patch beneath the Eiffel tower, having coffee and pain au chocolateWe were really lucky to have good weather in Paris last weekend, and spent a few good hours just basking in the sun before our flight.

Easter break is coming up, so we’ll be flying to quite a couple of places in this upcoming 2 weeks. Besides that, i’m really looking forward to May when my mum will finally join me, i miss my family so much<3


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