Weekend in Amsterdam

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22 in AMSTERDAM. And so, i turned a year older whilst in Amsterdam! It was different celebrating my birthday away from my family, but nonetheless, it was a great celebration thanks to these 2 crazy friends of mine.

I flew down to Netherlands on a Thursday evening after my lessons. Our Airbnb apartment was s t u n n i n g. It had my dream kitchen furnished with all those appliances and kitchen racks full of spices. We(or rather, i) cooked dinner every night while we were there-simply because it was so nice to have such a beautiful place to cook and eat in.

Our Airbnb was in Haarlem(about a 15min train ride to Amsterdam), so we explored Haarlem for the first day and took a day trip to Amsterdam the following day. The Heineken Museum was pretty cool, and we had 2 beers overlooking an amazing view of Amsterdam at the end of it. The Netherlands in general was a pretty great place, with all it’s pretty sights and atmosphere-one of the things i’d love to try would be brunch by the river, or perhaps on a boat.

I had a really great, relaxing birthday weekend in Amsterdam, a place i’d like to visit again really. Next up, Sevilla & Malaga!


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