Madrid Photo Diary 03

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MADRID 03. The days here are starting to pass really fast, it’s surprising that i’ve already been here for a month.

The more you see this city, the more it feels like a “common place”, but i guess that goes the same for every city once you’ve been here for awhile. When you can start getting to places without using Google maps, and Street names don’t sound so much like the name of some Spanish ham, you’re doing pretty well i assume.

I think some of the things i love best about this place now are:

1. The weather is getting really awesome-can get pretty cold at times(the nights range from 4-6 degrees?), but most days it ranges between 12-16 degrees, which in my opinion is the best for walking around. And, your make-up doesn’t melt off.

2. Good weather means being able to walk everywhere-i literally walk everywhere, which saves a lot on transportation. I won’t even think about walking in SG weather with it’s crazy humidity.

3. Cafés here are really “natural”. I can’t specifically describe it-but basically the people i see in cafés come here because they “genuinely” like it-not to say everyone else just visits cafés for fun or for commercial purposes, but most customers here come in with their books, laptops, maybe a friend, just to enjoy their alone time and/or the company they have in front of them. You rarely see them whipping out their phones or cameras trying to take pictures of everything. There are soooo many cafés here, but each one has their own unique vibe to it. And they don’t judge you if you sit at the same spot for 3 hours with just 1 cup of coffee. (I do that a lot because i like visiting cafés alone, plus theres free wifi e v e r y w h e r e). I think it’s something i’ve learnt to do over the past month as well. I still take pictures of course, but for most days now, i just enjoy the physical experience of being alone with my coffee.

A rather lengthy post, but i hope it’s a fair description on how my experience in Madrid has been so far. I have a few plans to travel out of Madrid in the upcoming weeks with different groups of friends, which i’m looking forward to. Till then!


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I drink too much iced coffee for a single human being.

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