Madrid Photo Diary 01

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MADRID 01. The first week in Madrid has been so good, and i’m so thankful for that. The first day of Orientation was not much(basically the usual-introducing the school, activities, clubs, Spanish culture etc etc.). The biggest takeaway this week was probably meeting new(and really lovely) people like Sara and Jin. 

This week was more fulfilling than expected. We managed to visit a few iconic places in Madrid like El Ritero Park, Museo del Romanticism, and the Madrid History Museum, as well as have brunch at some really good cafés, tapas, coffee, drinks at a rooftop bar-basically just being able to see the different areas of Madrid. Jin and i managed to do a fair bit of cooking at my place as well, which was really nice to have with wine. I think the one thing i really love about Spain is that the wine here is sooooo affordable- 1.25 euros for a bottle really?!

Tomorrow will be the second day of Orientation, of which we’ll start school officially on the 13th. I’m pretty curious to see how the lessons will be like, i’ll give updates on that in the next post. For now, i’m just going to enjoy the remaining days before school officially starts.


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