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TWENTY-SIXTEEN. Good Morning from Madrid! It’s been 2 days since i reached this city, and thankfully, it has been a smooth journey thus far.

I spent the last week in SG with my loved ones mostly, just trying to make the most out of the time left with them before i see them again 6 months later. Basically celebrated the entire New Year’s week with different groups of lovely people, and i miss all of them so much already!

The past 2 days in Madrid has been pretty chill to say-just exploring the area where i live, the city areas, having coffee and long walks. I will be meeting some new people this week, and school orientation is on Friday as well, so i’m looking forward to that. The city has been…well, very foreign. I do feel like a fish-out-of-water most times, but i think it’s because it’s still the first week here. It can feel pretty scary sometimes, and i do have to always be on alert here. It’s comforting to see fellow Asians too, knowing that i’m not the only one.

I have been diligently taking photos, which i will upload soon! So look forward to those and updates on my adventures in Spain+Europe. Have a great New Year’s week!


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