Korea 2015

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CHRISTMAS IN KOREA. I’m back at last! The past week spent in Korea with the family was wonderful. I think besides the frigid cold weather(which was pretty alright if you wore enough layers, but the dry skin was terror), and an episode of what we think was food poisoning(all of us had to lie in bed cause of a fever and nausea, but we were alright after medication!), the trip was overall, a pretty enjoyable one.

Jeju was wonderful for it’s seafood and sea-views mostly, the abalone rice was one of the best things you could taste. Busan and Seoul was naturally more urbanised with its congested roads and city buildings, but nonetheless still beautiful with all it’s cityscapes. All of our airbnb’s were really pretty(except for Seoul where we stayed in a hotel instead). I personally loved the one in Jeju best-the interior was extremely pretty! I probably won’t elaborate much and let the photos do the talking. It was just really nice to spend time with the family before i fly off(again..) for the next half a year!

As mentioned, i will be flying off really soon-this coming Monday to be exact. It’s a super early morning flight so i will be heading to the airport on Sunday evening. It’s barely been a week back in SG and i have to fly off again, which makes me kinda sad actually, cause i really miss SG and of course all of the people here. I will be updating whilst in Europe with all my events and travels, and hopefully with video diaries as well.

The next few days are just spent packing my entire room(because of renovation plans which i’m excited to come back to), and catching up with close friends once again before i fly. Happy New Year everyone, and a blessed 2016 ahead!


P.S. Below is the link to the video diary i made of this Korea trip. Enjoy!

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