Christmas with Friends

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M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S!!

I think my next post will be way overdue for Christmas so, here’s a very jolly x’mas greeting!

We had our annual Christmas gathering at my place with the batch yesterday, with a whole lot of food and drinks! I decided to prepare a little more food than usual this time round, as it won’t be awhile till our next gathering since most of us will be going on exchange. So the menu was roasted chicken, pork knuckle, cheese mince nachos, homemade garlic dill baguette, chili crab pasta, truffle mash potatoes, sesame salad, and a shepherd’s pie! Yes, it was A L O T of food. Yet somehow.. we managed to finish most of it. HEH! I also made a big bowl of white sangria, and of course there was the usual wine, beer, mojitos to go along as the night progressed. We decided to do a secret santa this time round too, and the night was too hilarious with all the guessing and whatnot. Also had a few rounds of Boys Vs. Girls charades(which i’m pretty sure the girls won hahaha!).

Meeting this bunch is one of the things i’m most grateful for in my University life-every moment we spend together is nothing short of fun, warmth, and love, and it’s something i’ll always cherish. So this Christmas i want to Thank this lovely group of people who have made my university life such a fantastic one thus far, and cheers to more of such days ahead!!

With that, i’m actually flying off to Korea tonight! My family will be spending Christmas there together, which is something i’m looking forward to as well. I will try to do a video of my holiday there and post it up on my youtube channel when i’m done. Happy Holidays everybody!


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