Bailamos XI: A Salsa Fairytale


BAILAMOS. Regular readers of this blog would somewhat know that i’m a salsa dancer by now, and Caderas Latinas has been my CCA in SMU for 2 years, since i joined in year 1. I’ve been dancing in all the productions since then, but this year has been different because i’ve been organizing + dancing in our major productions together with my exco.

Yesterday was the day our big production finally took it’s place on stage at Raffles Hotel, Jubilee Hall. All the dance rehearsals, acting practices, late nights planning, numerous costume trips, and intensive training sessions were showcased in just 2 shows. Those moments on stage went by so quickly, and it was all over before i knew it. The night ended with bittersweet feelings of happiness, sadness, fulfillment, and satisfaction all at once. Even though there were days where i’d inevitably complain about long hours of training, being stressed with so many deadlines and planning etc, there’s not one moment i regretted any of it. My whole journey as an actor, dancer, and exco member, among having internships and school work albeit wasn’t easy, was and always will be one of the greatest learning and growing experiences.

It’ll probably be awhile before my next production again since i’ll be going on exchange in the next school term, but i look forward to come back and see how much the club will have grown, put on my heels, and dance again.


Photo credits: Andy Ang (featuring one of my favorite shots from this production)

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