As of this Summer

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As of late. Made some random edits to some photos taken with my phone (mainly for instagram). I’ve been lazy to bring my DSLR out these days when i head out, so my phone has been my main photography source-

On another note-I’ve officially ended my Summer internship!! I’m not crazy happy that i ended as i really enjoyed working at LV, and my team was really one of the best teams i could ask for. I’m just pretty relieved that i have more time to run my errands and plan for my upcoming school productions. My commitments this Summer has been crazy hectic for me with literally 4-5 hours of sleep a day, but i’d say it’s pretty worth it for all the experiences i’m getting.

Convocation is coming up in a week which we’ve been having rehearsal every-single-day, and school re-opens a few days after. I’m rather happy to be going back to school despite knowing that i’ve to find a way to survive through long lectures again (#coffeealldayeveryday), but i’m looking forward to the new semester.

Also, this is rather impromptu, but i told my mum i really wanted a break and she booked tickets for us to head to Perth over the long Jubillee weekend!So i’ll be spamming my feed with brunch + coffee + Perth worthy sights over the next few days heh.

Till the next!


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I drink too much iced coffee for a single human being.

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