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SUMMER 2015. The past week(which is also the first week) of Summer has been rather fulfilling attending events and catching up on some dates. I didn’t want to separately blog about each event/date partially because i’d be blogging 4-5 posts prior to each event(and partially because i’m lazy HEH), so i compiled whatever photos taken with both my DSLR and random iPhone photos into one post. In summary, i caught up with some friends over food/drinks, spent labour day at Quayside isle with my mum, , and watched the very awesome EMIX performance at Victoria Theater. And i’m starting to pick up my habit of reading again, which is great in any case.

I’ll be starting my internship at LV this coming Monday-excited and both nervous at the same time, since it’s a new industry which i’m really interested in so I’m anticipating what’s to come, but of course i’m also hoping for zero screw ups. So here’s to a great Summer everyone, looking forward to TGIFs!


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I drink too much iced coffee for a single human being.

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