HALFWAY MARK. I can somewhat smell the sweet relief of Summer now. Yes i’m finally halfway through 2 grueling weeks of final papers for this semester! Everyday has been nothing but notes, practice papers, coffee repeat –Man i hope it pays off.

On the other note, my breaks in between studying has been rather fulfilling with the help of Bored PandaI’ve been following them for awhile now, and they have the some of the most entertaining posts. It’s somewhat the gathering grounds for interesting posts around the world, plus most of the time the posts contain seriously amazing photography works. Here are some of my favorites:

strong-is-the-new-pretty-kate-parker-231Strong is the new Pretty

This mom captures such beautiful photos of her daughters. It really shows how “pretty” can be perceived in many forms. The 2 photos above are from her post, just 2 favorites out of the many she captured. Link here.

pillow-fight-documentary-photography_005__880International Pillow Fight day in Bucharest, Romania
Tell me that does not look awesome.

Oh yea we need one of these festival’s in Singapore. Or rather, i need to experience one of these festivals somewhere else where no one can recognize me, so i hit anyone with bags full of feathers without getting in trouble. Link here.

Dont-use-love.__880 2Don’t Use, Love

A gentle reminder that we should love our pets like any other member of the family, and not some”thing”. Link here.

couple-photography-love-maud-chalard-13__880French Photographer takes the most intimate moments of couples

You’ve probably seen a million of such shots on Tumblr, but i really do love this shot. The French sure know what intimate portrays. Link here.

They have an endless amount of fascinating posts on the site, it keeps me too preoccupied sometimes, along with Facebook and Tumblr. Alright, back to the that pile of notes.

I don’t know either Emma, I don’t. HEH.


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I drink too much iced coffee for a single human being.

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