Study break & some other updates


A SHORT UPDATE. Currently on my second cup of coffee and slice of pandan chiffon cake-Yes, it’s officially the start of 3 long weeks of study break + f.i.n.a.l.s, nobody likes that 5 letter word really. Life has been relatively mad since my last post, and i dub this semester one of the most… annoying, yes annoying, semesters because of some certain group mates, which i shall not waste anymore space on this post for them, HA. Long story short, i am glad i no longer have to work with them, i have a lot of studying to catch up on, and i can’t wait for Summer again.


P.S: RAC has been pretty awesome to me lately, music study buddy, consider them in your playlist some time if you haven’t.

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I drink too much iced coffee for a single human being.

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