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TWENTY-ONE. And so, i’m finally 21! No I didn’t feel like i suddenly matured 10 times more, or i could go out and rule the world on my birthday-the actual day of my birthday was pretty much just “Hmmm, i’m 21 today.”(maybe cause it was dampened by the fact that i had a tough mid-term paper that very morning). My actual birthday falls on the 28th of February, but because of my mid-term paper, the celebration was held the following day on the 1st of March instead. That Sunday was pretty hectic as any event preparation would be(i’ll spare you the details)-but yes, we managed to get everything up in time before the bulk of the guests arrived.

The venue was really gorgeous, i booked it once they said it was available about a month before my party. We ordered cocktail stands, seats, and champagne bars from the events storeto be placed at the open outdoor area. All of my decór was done by myself with the help of my mum, my aunt, and of course the boy.The whole place was basically a whole lot of balloons, fairy lights, mason jars, and flowers. Food was catered by The Travelling C.O.W aka Chef On Wheels,  and it was so good! I had a customized menu consisting of Chilli crab pasta, Garlic prawn aioli wrap, Bangers and mash, Truffle fries, Cheeseburger sliders, Nachos with a variety of dips, and other small bites like cheese balls and savory tartlets. We also had a crepe station set up by Saybonsand an open bar tended by 2 very talented bartenders who were friends of a friend-they make seriously good(and potent) cocktails.

I styled my own dessert table(with a lot of help from Pinterest haha)-i ordered macaroons and cupcakes from my awesome baker friends, and the naked birthday cake was also done by a themI decorated my own birthday cake with florals and made the glitter “21” cake topper, and was super pleased with the look of the cake! The croquembouche was ordered from one of my favorite bakeries-The Pattesier.

I truly had a blast at my party, and it wouldn’t have been what it was without my dear family and friends who celebrated it with me. So Thank you all who came, i truly appreciate the time you took off to celebrate my special day with me. Special thanks to of course my parents, my mum, and my aunt whom this party wouldn’t have been possible-they helped me coordinate the catering, drinks & event set-up because i was so busy with my dance production weeks before the party. My friends who came- the FTB group who has been there for me since day 1 of my uni life , and of course my batch from Caderas Latinas – really some of the best batch mates i could ask for to dance and celebrate with. I hope all of you enjoyed the evening as much as me, and i look forward to more years of celebrations with you guys!


Dress: ET-I-KIT, floral crown made by myself
Event set-up: Events Store
Catering: The Travelling C.O.W, Saybons
Cake and Cupcakes: We Glacé
Macarons: Dancing Daises 

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