CNY 2015

CNY Reunion with Caderas Latinas

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Visiting + Café hopping on CNYIMG_7511IMG_7549 DSC_0699 IMG_7559 IMG_7552DSC_0059DSC_0015

CHINESENEWYEAR2015. Just a few snapshots over the past week where we celebrated the Lunar New Year-Besides the usual visiting with the cousins in the first 3 days, i had a CNY gathering with my Caderas batch this year at my place. It was a really awesome night of steamboat, lou hei, cards games and drinks-a night of endless laughter and bonding, its always a good time with this bunch.

Headed to Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters in between visiting for some truffle fries and coffee. CNY was really a nice break from all the school work and the hectic production period.

I’ve been so busy with mid-term examinations and my big event-My 21st! My party will be happening in a few hours and i really can’t believe it’s here so quickly! I’ve been tied up with everything else that planning for my party was slotted just in tiny pockets of time i could find, with a lot of help required from my mum and aunt who’ve been so accommodating and helpful in whatever way they could help me plan my party. I’m really excited of it now that it’s finally happening, and i’ll give an update on it once i find the time! Happy CNY everyone!


Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
185 Upp Thomson Road

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