Privé at Chjimes

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WEDNESDAY NIGHT at PRIVÉ. The last day of this semester was celebrated over food, drinks and a pretty ambience with these wonderful girls. Privé at Chjimes is one of the recent establishments at the newly renovated Chjimes, and how convenient it was located just beside our school, so we decided to have our regular end-of-semester catch up session at this pretty place.

The ambience was amazing, with fairy lights strewn over wooden holdings and pots of overgrown plants hanging from the roofs. It was very much like a rustic garden from England or Europe. The weather was really comfortable that evening as well since it rained earlier in the day, so that was a plus point. The food and drinks albeit good, was a little too overpriced-but i guess we were paying for the ambience as well. We talked, ranted, and laughed way too loud as usual; even though we don’t see each other that often(aside from the infrequent passing by each other in school), we always have too much to talk when we come together, and i’m so grateful for these girls.

It’s the end of my first semester as a sophomore, and finals are just a week or 2 to go- so i predict books, notes, and a ton of coffee over the next few weeks. Press on for those with examinations, Winter break is nearing!


Privé, Chjimes
30 Victoria Street, #01-35
Singapore 187996

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