A Private 21st Affair

IMG_5476 IMG_5598 IMG_5468 IMG_5478 IMG_5678 DSC_4643 DSC_4796 IMG_5399 IMG_5690 IMG_5498 DSC_4786DSC_4794DSC_4917 DSC_4968 DSC_4951 IMG_5806IMG_5863 A PRIVATE DINNER AFFAIR. So dearest Lin turned 21 last week! For me it was a perfect excuse to unleash some event planning ideas i had in mind. We converted a regular function room into a private dinner party with rustic hand made streamers, flower garlands, and pretty dessert tables along with assorted ciders and fairy lights. It was definitely a pretty sight once everything was up and done.

I arrived earlier(probably carrying 100000 flowers for venue decor) along with some of Lin’s good friends to be party elves for the evening, prepping the decor and basically decorating the entire venue. She left me in charge of the overall venue look. I was pretty anal about the details that day, which is a plus point for such events. B was the official photographer for the evening, so he was basically snapping anything and everything while the rest of us prepped the venue. Although i would have liked certain aspects to turn out better, the birthday girl was content and satisfied and that was enough for me that day. There was an amazing dessert table courtesy of weglace, a dessert and cake provider set up by some friends in SMU, and a beautiful profiterole birthday cake from my favorite bakery, The Pattessier.

Overall, it was a lovely evening and i’m glad my babe had a blast. School has been crazy hectic due to assignments, mid-terms and CCA plans, which explains my lack of time or energy to update this space. The next few weeks i predict, will only get busier due to project deadlines nearing and finals directly after. Yes, i need my winter break now.


Tropical leaf romper from Thread Theory
Statement necklace from The Ordinary Co.

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