Dear Mum, Happy Birthday

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear mum who just celebrated another year on the 4th of August! This year, mum chose to dine at Supertree Grove’s Indochine residing in the beautiful Gardens By The Bay. 

We made our way there slightly before our dinner reservation to have drinks at the rooftop, which was 16 stories above ground. The view and wind there was awesome. Although they had mediocre cocktails(i didn’t really like the mojito i ordered), the wines were good and it was nice to be able to enjoy a cool breeze while having drinks-not something you can usually enjoy in Singapore’s hot humidity.

Indochine serves Asian-Western cuisine, with the Asian portion steered more towards the Thai styles. We had a few appetizers and mains to share, such as Oysters, beef cubes in garlic & butter, grilled squid, king prawns, poached fish, as well as some other mains, and 2 desserts. I didn’t manage to take pictures of all the food we ordered, but i enjoyed most of it-especially the beef cubes in garlic and butter, which i had almost a whole third of the portion. We had a great time that evening, finally spending quality time together as a family(i was so busy with camps and school that i rarely got to see nor spend time with them). Happy Birthday dearest Mum, i love you!


Indochine, Supertree Grove
#03-01, Gardens by the Bay,
18 Marina Gardens Drive 

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