Barcelona 2014

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BARCELONA, SPAIN. I’m finally back from my trip and blog hiatus! My 2 weeks spent in Europe was nothing short of amazing. SMU clinched all the top prizes in all 3 categories entered (Latin, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary), as well as the overall championship for the competition! We felt elated and mega proud of everything we achieved, and of course, it was one of the best experiences we took home. We celebrated this with a wonderful dinner and drinks at a famous Museum in Barcelona near the sea port, overlooking this spectacular city.

After the competition, we spent the days roaming the beautiful streets of Barcelona city, which included tons of shopping at the well-known Passeig de gracia, taking in some sun & sea at Barceloneta beach, eating Spanish paella and tapas while drinking Sangrias, and visiting famous tourist areas such as the Sagrada Familia church. All that amongst the time we spent learning a new(and amazing) salsa choreography at the Adrian&Anita workshop which we had a ton of fun at. We also spent most nights exploring Barcelona’s nightlife at La Rambla, a bustling stretch filled with flea markets, gelato parlors, & bars. It was certainly a city with unforgettable sights and sounds.

After Barcelona, we flew to Dresden, Germany where the salsa festival was held. Pictures of our experience in Dresden will be up in the next post!


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