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CHOPSUEY.The whole of last friday was wonderful; Mum was the best(as she always is) and took a day off work to bring the me to Dempsey for brunch and to get groceries for my gathering with some of my OCSP group friends in the evening. Brunch was at Chopsuey (by P.S Café group) which recently opened at Dempsey hill. They serve asian food with an English twist, with items like italian coffee and french inspired desserts amongst Chinese, Thai & Vietnamese style cuisine. The entire place had an old british feel to it, somewhat like a colonial club house in the 1900s in Singapore. It was a nice change from the usual brunch food we’d usually have. After brunch, we made our way to Huber’s Butchery which was just around the corner to get some groceries for that evening’s gathering, after which we drove home to start prepping for that evening’s dinner. Photos of the gathering will be up on the next post, so look forward to them!


Chopsuey Café
#01 – 23, Block 10.
Dempsey Rd, Singapore.

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